Product Group:  2C0
Ecowet® is ideal for manual wet sanding of lacquered surfaces between coats, as well as for fixing defects in the lacquer. Ecowet is also suitable for the removal of orange peel structure and spot mark repair. The new and improved Ecowet cuts to the last grain, thus have a long product life and lessen material consumption. It also features excellent flexibility and is therefore very easy to manoeuvre. The use of a sanding block is recommended, in order to obtain a smooth surface with a smooth sanding pattern. Suited for paints, primers, metal and composites.


Available As


Technical Specifications

Grain Silicon carbide
Color Black
Backing C-latex paper
Bonding Resin over resin
Grit range P60-P2500
Coating Closed

Suited For

Automotive Refinishing
Construction & Decoration
Composites Processing
Do It Yourself
Marine Industry
Vehicles Manufacturing

Suitable Materials

Non-ferrous metal
Paint sanding
Glass fibre