High-Tech Mirka Products

By taking advantage of the best from the high-tech Mirka range, the Optimized Surface Preparation System is compact but very effective. The combination of net sanding and soft abrasive products, together with Mirka’s innovative and ergonomic tools, gives the operator benefits that simply cannot be achieved with a conventional system.

  • Mirka OSP-1 150 mm paint removal disc and 70x198 mm body filler strip
  • Mirka OSP-2 150 mm feather edge disc and 70x198 mm body filler strip
  • Mirka OSP-3 150 mm primer preparation disc and 70x198 mm primer and body filler strip
  • Mirka OSP-4 150 mm finishing disc and Mirka OSP-4 hand finishing pad
  • Trolley
  • Mirka VC 915
  • Pneumatic box
  • Pneumatic dual operator kit
  • Dust extraction hoses
  • Mirka PROS 650CV
  • Mirka OS383CV
  • Mirka interface 150x5 mm 67 H
  • Mirka dry guide coat