Mirka AIROS 650CV 150mm

رمز Mirka: MIA6502012
The Mirka® AIROS is an automatic, integrated, random orbital sander for industrial robots within any industry with the need to automate surface finishing tasks. It is engineered to carry out intensive, high workload sanding, where precision and minimal maintenance is critical. Mirka® AIROS is an electric and smart sander, built inside a sturdy yet light aluminium housing, featuring an ISO 9409-1 compatible flange for mechanical robot coupling. It can be adapted to fit all mechanical couplings, offering maximum flexibility. The long-life, brushless motor is extra safe for wet sanding, and it runs on constant and configurable RPM. This model has a 150mm pad and is to be connected to a dust extraction system.


المواصفات الفنية

مدخل الطاقة (وات) 350
السرعة (دورة في الدقيقة) 4000-10000
المدار (مم) 5
حجم البطانة (مم) 150
جهد أداة الصنفرة (فولت تيار مباشر) 1.4
نظام الغبار الفراغ المركزي جاهز
Model name Mirka AIROS 650CV
بطانة متضمنة (الرمز) 8292605011
Product class Electric tool

ملحقات ذات صلة

Backing Pad Net 150mm 5/16" Grip 48H Medium رمز Mirka:   8292605011
Brake Seal MPP0321 125/150mm for DEROS/PROS رمز Mirka:   8995603211
Dust Extraction Hose 20x140mm 2/pack رمز Mirka:   MIA6520811
Exhaust fitting for AIROS 650, 550 CV رمز Mirka:   MIA6510711
Flange for AIROP & AIROS 77, 125 & 150mm رمز Mirka:   MIA6510111
Pad Wrench 24mm for 125/150mm Machines رمز Mirka:   8995604121