Mirka DEROS 325CV 77mm Orbit 2,5

رمز Mirka: MID3252011
The Mirka® DEROS 325CV is a unique 77mm direct electric random orbital sander developed especially for smaller sanding operations; small repairs, headlight restoration, bumper sanding, hard-to-reach areas and kitchen refurbishing. It is also suited for corrections on solid surface applications and interior furniture details. This model has a 77mm (3”) pad and 2,5mm oscillation for fine sanding. Mirka® DEROS is developed for effective and dust-free sanding. The smallest and most ergonomic direct electric sander on the market has a brushless motor that maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. Vibration values are the lowest in its class and the symmetrical design ensures a comfortable grip, which means you can sand for long periods without fatigue. With an easy to operate lever, speed adjustment is done in an instant. The separate on/off switch ensures easy and safe handling. Mirka DEROS has an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low energy technology so you can keep track of vibration, speed and usage data via the myMirka app.


المواصفات الفنية

مدخل الطاقة (وات) 250
الوزن (كجم) 220-240
السرعة (دورة في الدقيقة) 4 000 - 10 000
المدار (مم) 2.5
المدار (بوصة) 3/32
حجم البطانة (مم) 77
جهد أداة الصنفرة (فولت تيار مباشر) 0.8
مستوى الضجيج، مستوى قوة الصوت (ديسيبل) 67
الضمان (الشهور) 3.1
الاتصال Bluetooth
نظام الغبار الفراغ المركزي جاهز
التعبئة صندوق من الورق المقوى
بطانة متضمنة (الرمز) 8294791211
Model name Mirka DEROS 325CV EU
التردد الرئيسي (هرتز) 50/60
Product class Electric tool

ملحقات ذات صلة

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Brake Seal for 325/350 رمز Mirka:   MIE3512211
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Lever 2,5mm for DEROS رمز Mirka:   MIE6210111
Pad Wrench 17mm for 77mm machines رمز Mirka:   8993008013
Rewireable Connector HP-9R رمز Mirka:   MIE9011111
Rewireable Mains Cable 10,5m CE 230V EU رمز Mirka:   MIE9016711
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