Mirka LEROS-S 950CV Wall Sander 225mm 5,0

رمز Mirka: MIW9502122
A unique brushless wall and ceiling sander. The light weight (only 3,2 kg) means the sander can be used for longer periods in greater comfort, and the extensive flexibility of the sanding head helps the operator reach surfaces from a better angle and allows a more ergonomic working position. The random orbital movement gives precise responses to the operator’s movements. The special sanding head and backing pad design make it possible to work very close to corners and edges. Furthermore, the fixation point of the sanding head is close to the surface, stabilizing the sanding process. Bluetooth connectivity offers additional features via the myMirka app, helping you to keep track of vibration, speed and usage data. This shorter model is great for confined spaces where a longer wall sander might be difficult to manoeuvre. The Mirka® LEROS-S is ideal for sanding in smaller rooms like bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. By adding the extension you are still able to reach higher areas. The 225mm backing pad also enables you to sand large areas faster and easier than with smaller sanders, and it is great to use for levelling large areas and surfaces. This model has two dedicated grip points, and the ergonomic and secure grip allows for full control over the sanding process.


المواصفات الفنية

مدخل الطاقة (وات) 350
الوزن (كجم) 220-240
السرعة (دورة في الدقيقة) 4 000 - 8 000
المدار (مم) 5
حجم البطانة (مم) 225
جهد أداة الصنفرة (فولت تيار مباشر) 3.2
مستوى الضجيج، مستوى قوة الصوت (ديسيبل) 73
الضمان (الشهور) 2.5
نظام الغبار الفراغ المركزي جاهز
التعبئة صندوق من الورق المقوى
بطانة متضمنة (الرمز) MIW9514312
Model name Mirka LEROS-S 950CV
التردد الرئيسي (هرتز) 50/60
Product class Electric tool