Bowling Ball Surface Preparation

Why waste your valuable time using a spinner when you can do the same job in a fraction of time with a much better end result?

This new surface preparation system does the job significantly faster than any existing method and it also gives a unique quality of the surface finish. Mirka DEROS SP is a spherical electric sander developed to follow the round shape of the bowling ball.

The main application is to resurface the ball by removing scratches and dents as well as to be used for quick and smooth finish of ball plugs and thumb slugs and to restore the original surface of the bowling ball.

By using Mirka’s bowling ball surface preparation system you can prepare the surface of a bowling ball in just a few minutes leaving a state-of-the-art surface quality never seen before by any existing surface preparation methods.

Mirka® DEROS SP 550CV electric spherical sander has specially been developed for sanding spherical surfaces such as bowling balls and helmets. Thanks to the round backing pad, which is designed according to the bowling ball diameter, the ball retains its round shape after restoration. The DEROS SP machine has an adjustable sanding speed of 4000-7500 rpm.