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Our Clean Commitments

Our business is focused on providing the best surface finishing preparation tools and systems to customers. To be the most sustainable finishing systems provider, we are digging deep down to the core of our company to figure out what it really means to be sustainable. We have accomplished a great deal already and have many more initiatives we will take on in the future.

For people working at Mirka, it has always been clear to not waste financial or material resources – of our own or those of our customers. We find it is equally clear to preserve the planet’s resources. Sustainability is a natural extension of this approach. It means taking the economy, the earth, and people into consideration when we make business decisions – now and for future generations.

We are continuously looking for opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint – this aligns with our company values and also cuts costs. We have worked hard to conserve energy and raw materials, reduce waste, increase recycling, and decrease the use of persistent chemicals. We are developing healthier, safer, and more efficient products and processes so that our customers and employees will benefit. For example, our dust-free sanding systems help protect the lungs of workers while giving a cleaner and better surface finish.

Sustainability Report 2014

Clean Proactivity

We proactively look for ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our products. We do not use chemicals on the List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) and are in full compliance with the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals legislation (REACH).

Sustainable Innovation

We see sustainable innovation as smart and profitable. Here are some of the advancements we are making:

  • developing new low-energy technologies – this decreases the amount of energy needed to manufacture our coated abrasives.
  • switching to a non-heavy metal colouring agent – this reduces the amount of heavy metal in our products.
  • improving the handling and processing of waste resin – this ensures better health and safety for our workforce and decreases the chance of disposal hazards.
  • innovating new catalyst technology – this makes our thermal machine lines more efficient, reducing the energy consumption needed to make our products.
  • designing efficient product transport routes – this reduces our carbon footprint.


The Mirka Ltd Restricted Materials List (RML) specifies the chemical substances that are classified as "banned", "restricted" and "substances of concern".

Mirka Restricted Materials List (v. 1.2 / 27.10.2015)

Clean Partner

We consider ourselves a partner to our suppliers, customers, and co-workers. Being a clean partner means developing strong relationships built on trust and mutual benefit. It also means setting up two-way communication to promote honesty, integrity, and collaboration.

Customer Partnerships

We are both a supplier and a partner to our customers. We provide them with products, services, and solutions and they provide us with customer feedback and continued business.

Supplier Partnerships

We believe in developing long-term, fair partnerships with suppliers that are consistent, reliable, and secure. Our goal is to reduce risks for both our business and our suppliers.

Clean Production

Our production work culture is team-oriented. We work together to reach high-level safety, quality, efficiency, and sustainability goals in all of our manufacturing facilities.

Over the years, we have:

  • reduced the amount of VOCs by 250 000 litres by eliminating Isopropanol as a solvent for stearate coating.
  • phased out phtalates, used for softening purposes, in 2004.
  • found a phenolic resin to use with lower content of free monomers over 15 years ago.
  • eliminated use of chromium (for colour).

In 2012,

  • we eliminated the use of the toxic substance cryolite (two tonnes per year) entirely.


• we are developing a process that is xylene-free for fine grit production. This process will be used to manufacture waterproof finishing sheets, a Mirka niche product.

Clean Performance

We are systematic in our approach – we have a long-term economic strategy and are focused on sustainability. Once we have decided what is the right thing to do, then we will do it right.

With Customer Performance, Health and Safety in Mind

The success of our customers’ business is key to our own company success. Designing products and services that improve our customers’ performance, health and safety in their workplace help us achieve our financial performance goals.