Find a sustainable microfinishing solution

When an ultra-smooth surface is an essential part of your product’s performance, ensure your success by using an innovative, surface finishing process optimised for your business application. Mirka helps you to adapt to rapid changes and the dynamic surface finishing needs of your customers.

By involving Mirka at an early stage of your innovation process you can also utilize the strength of joint development. Combining know-how and development resources allowing joint development of optimally engineered surface finishing solutions that match your particular requirements. Moreover, a competent, global microfinishing partner adds value and enables you to focus on your own expertise.

We help you to develop microfinishing solutions from roller conditioning to consumer electronics and automotive engine parts.

Develop your productivity in high-tech surfaces

How does your microfinishing process improve profitability?

Real profits are earned by optimising the productivity of the finishing process.

An ideal solution combines and optimises a consistent ultra-smooth quality, a faster, cleaner production process and reduced downtime.

Our solutions focus on concrete benefits.

  • Superior surface finishing
  • Optimised finishing processes
  • Consistent quality
  • Increased cost efficiency