myMirka for Digital Services & Connectivity

Mirka’s digital transformation and connectivity vision is to transform surface finishing into a digital future, by launching smart interconnections, providing added values and instant feedback to our customers and other stakeholders in a high tech smart fully integrated business environment with help of device intelligence and Big Data.

In the digital era, connectivity counts. myMirka is the platform providing you digital services and connectivity solutions, that creates value for the operators in their working environment.

Join myMirka, stay connected and utilise the added value Mirka brings the surface finishing industry, by transforming the business into a digital future.

How to get and install myMirka

myMirka is available on Google Play and App Store online marketplaces within EU and Russia. myMirka requires version 9.1 or later for iOS devices and version 5.0 or later for Android devices. Get and install myMirka by choosing the marketplace for your device. myMirka is free of charge, new services are continuously launched to myMirka platform. The app is also having in-app purchase possibilities for more features and additional services and connectivity.


How to connect Mirka® DEROS to myMirka

Mirka DEROS electric sander is equipped with Bluetooth® low energy technology.

Activate Bluetooth on your Mirka DEROS as follows:

1. Connect the power cord to mains outlet.
2. Press and hold the + button while switching the tool on with the On/Off button.
3. Left LED lights up (green), to indicate that Bluetooth is active.
4. Press the Scan-button on myMirka.
5. Press the Connect-button on myMirka and choose the Mirka DEROS showing up on the screen.
6. Mirka DEROS and myMirka are now connected and ready to use.

Bluetooth is deactivated when the tool is disconnected from mains outlet. 
Check that your connected phone or tablet is also equipped with the the Bluetooth® low energy technology and activated.

NOTE! Mirka DEROS, manufactured 29th August 2016 and later, is equipped with the Bluetooth low energy technology connectivity. This concerns the tools with the following Mirka codes: MID6502022, MID6252022, MID6802022, MID5502022, MID5650202CA, MID56503CAUK and MID6502022UK. The serial number begins with 6351... 

Tool Vibration Indicator

Health and safety issues at work sites are becoming increasingly important. Due to vibration during the sanding operation the vibration white finger (hand-arm vibration syndrome) is one of the recognized symptoms. At Mirka we put the users’ health in focus. Mirka’s Tool Vibration Indicator measures the momentary vibration level and displays it on a colour graded scale. Additionally the speed indication is visualised in a separate graph.

The vibration is measured according to the ISO 5349-1:2001(E) standard. Advices on how to lower the vibrations, if above normal level, is integrated in the app.  

The vibration measurement solution is developed in cooperation with CVK AB .


Daily Vibration Exposure

The Daily Vibration Exposure is an in-app purchase additional feature to the Tool Vibration Indicator. On top of the features available in the free version, the in-app purchase version tracks the daily vibration exposure according to the European directive, 2002/44/EC Article 5. The speedometer turns yellow when the operator has been exposed to a level of 2,5 m/s2 of the maximum daily vibration exposure. Operators can easily track and follow the exposure level, which is measured during the last 5 working minutes and additionally documented during the last 30 days.