Hybrid Wheels

Hybrid wheels are the fastest growing bond family. With specific sintering machinery we develop high quality products with natural or artificial porosity, reaching very high removal rates at optimal conditions. Even doubled stock removal is possible, compared to a conventional resin bond wheel.

Dimensions range from 20mm to 250mm in diameter, available in all shapes and rim widths for manufacturing carbide and HSS tools with plunge grinding. We offer diamond wheels for efficient grinding of carbide, cermets, optical glass and electronics manufacturing. CBN wheels are available for grinding HSS and stainless steel rotating tools. We have a wide choice of off-the-shelf products, with the possibility of custom-made and reprofiled wheels to enable complex geometries.

Mirka® Cafro HP Bond

Mirka’s new Cafro HP Hybrid Bond wheel brings new efficiency to tool manufacturing. The hybrid bond has a high material removal capacity which traditional resin bonds cannot reach – a customer has reported the new wheel speeds up production 2.5 times, with less power needed. With Mirka® Cafro HP Hybrid Bond, a single pass can be enough, as the wheel’s higher porosity enables better lubrication, preventing loading of the wheel. The end result is improved surface quality and peace of mind.

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