Resin Bonded Wheels

Resin bonded wheels are offered in a very broad product range in dimensions from 3mm to 750mm in diameter, with a wide choice of shapes and off-the-shelf products. We offer diamond wheels for grinding carbides, cermets, ceramics, graphite, precious stones, sintered materials and many others. CBN wheels are designed for grinding hardened steels, cast iron, stellites, nickel alloys for high temperatures, piston rings for automotive engines, stainless steels and Ni-Ti alloys for medical use.

We offer a very large resin bond choice, with the Bond System enabling easy orientation and application. The Stock program helps optimize wheels for the most popular operations in tool manufacturing, sharpening, profiling, surface grinding and outer and inner diameter grinding.

The EDG family uses a slightly elastic and more thermally stable resin, which also enables strong grit holding capacity even at higher grinding temperatures. At the same grit size and concentration, EDG wheels enable better finishing than hard resin and hybrid bonds.

We can tailor solutions for high-performance mirror finishing, micro-tools manufacture, peel, centerless and coated cylinder grinding, cut-off, profiling, sharpening of HSS and HM tipped circular saws, bandsaws, and linear and circular blades.

We have a wide choice of off-the-shelf products, with the possibility of custom-made and reprofiled wheels to enable complex geometries.