Vitrified Wheels

Vitrified CBN wheels for hardened steel or cast iron camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft, balance shaft grinding.

Vitrified wheels are a growing bond family, as machine development enables higher speeds and higher precision grinding. Grinding speeds can reach 140m/s, with very high material removal while maintaining profile stability.

All vitrified wheels can be dressed in the operating machine, in the way of conventional abrasives. The broad product range includes continuous rim diameters from 10mm to 600mm, and segmented continuous rims up to 750mm in diameter.

Vitrified wheels are mainly special products, with PCD and internal grinding wheels kept in stock. Diamond wheels are manufactured for grinding PCD and PCBN, ceramics and carbide. CBN wheels are for manufacturing automotive engine parts, such as camshafts and crankshafts, for hard steel rolls, for jet engine maintenance, for manufacturing HSS tools, outer, inner and surface grinding. Replating service is offered for substituting rims on valuable steel bodies.

Unique Manufacturing Solution

Single rim vitrified CBN wheels up to diameter 605mm, allowing:

• Perfect homogeneity of CBN rim on the whole diameter
• No segments, which means no glue interfaces on grinding surface
• Surface finish attainable using bigger CBN grit size
• Higher removal rate possible
• Fewer grinding steps, shorter working time
• Fully customizable specifications, high production flexibility
• Expert Application Engineers for technical support