Mirka is growing its award-winning Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander (DEROS) product family in 2019 with the addition of the new DEROS 3". The tool’s compact design makes it easier to use for longer periods of time, while allowing it to undertake small repairs easily, access hard to reach areas effectively, and minimise the need for time-consuming hand sanding.

The Mirka® DEROS 3" has a low profile, which brings the tool closer to the surface and provides a more controlled sanding process. Mirka® DEROS  350CV  is available with a 5mm orbit, which enables users to remove paint quickly and efficiently. The R&D team in Jeppo, Finland has developed the tool’s ergonomic design to put the user’s health and safety first by providing a tool that can be comfortably gripped for extended periods, which, alongside its low vibration levels, reduces the strain put on joints and muscles. 

Mirka’s innovative digital solutions that run through an integrated vibration sensor and bluetooth connectivity enables the user to access the vibration, speed and usage data through the myMirka app to understand how the tool is being used on a day-to-day basis and to identify ways in which it can be used more efficiently.  Once you connect your Mirka DEROS with the myMirka app the product name and serial number will appear automatically for the Warranty Registration.

Additionally, when the DEROS 3" is combined with Mirka’s net abrasives and dust extraction unit, it provides a consistent scratch pattern and a dust-free environment to work in.

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