Environmental responsibility is a natural part of Mirka’s activities and product development. We make sure to take the environment into consideration in all our activities by following the environmental management system ISO 14001.

Already in the product planning stage, the environmental issues and the recycling policy are taken into consideration. Not only do we strive to consider the environmental impact of our own operations, but we also co-operate with our subcontractors in order to pay attention to the environmental impact in all stages of the planning and production process.

Another aspect of our environmental policy states that the equipment and the abrasives manufactured at Mirka have to be long-lasting. One aim in our production development is also to make the products even more long-lasting, which furthermore will mean a reduction in the amount of waste. We also strive to make our product packages easily recyclable. A future aim is to develop new materials that are even more environmentally friendly than the present ones.

We constantly try to improve our customers work environment as well as develop the ergonomic features of our products. The dust-free abrasive, Abranet®, developed and patented by Mirka, has made a large improvement towards work safety and reduced environmental impact. Abranet® remarkably improves the traditionally demanding working conditions in factories and paint-shops by reducing the amount of hazardous dust in the air when sanding. Workers avoid being exposed to the dust, the requirements for air-conditioning are smaller and therefore the energy costs can be reduced.

Eco-efficiency and continuous development are our principles when choosing both raw materials as well as planning the structure of our products. In most cases, an environmentally friendly production process will also be economic, precise, effective and safe. These are the types of processes we want to develop and work with.