The sky is the limit

For Mirka, aerospace technology is a fast-growing field that takes our expertise to another dimension. Our precision products are used in different areas of aircraft manufacturing, including machining carbon-fibre fuselages with PCD milling tools and grinding engine turbines with vitrified CBN wheels – both areas where extreme precision and uncompromised consistency is not only needed, but demanded.

Our compression-resistant Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) milling tools can reach a faster cutting speed with smaller wear and better finish than carbide or ceramic tools. Their extreme hardness makes them perfectly suited for machining aerospace materials such as carbon fiber and graphite.

With their hardness second only to diamond and thermal stability up to 1000°C, Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) electroplated wheels are suited for ferrous materials or alloys that are traditionally challenging to machine. Mirka® Cafro vitrified CBN wheels provide close tolerances and a good surface finish, resulting in high productivity.

Mirka offers flexible abrasives for cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding and sanding, together with polishing and finishing for several implementations.