Innovate the consumer electronics markets with a unique finish

Mirka develops exclusive finishing processes with technically unique, dust-free microabrasives for 3C customers. We help you to achieve consistent, precise surface structures whenever close tolerances are required. Our products remove contaminants and allow accurate cutting of edges, even with soft materials like aluminium.


Cleaner, faster sanding of CNC machined parts

Mirka offers clean, accurate, fast and reproducible finishing processes. We have a structured method of managing innovations to provide the best solutions for your consumer electronics business.

Demand is driven by unique, customised properties like finishing structure and the geometry of different materials and parts. Our products provide high performance and safety. Clean, certified processes as well as environmental and social responsibility (including health and safety), are fundamental for us. We deliver:

• What the consumer wants through our innovative designs
• Consistency in product quality and longevity
• Rapid adaptation to demand/production changes