Consistency takes precision

In order to produce perfect end products in a continuous process, large-scale industrial roller surfaces must be both consistent and precise.

Our new surface finishing techniques enable cleaner roller conditioning and consistent surface finishing. The entire finishing process can be expedited by optimizing the production steps, reducing costs and improving uptime.

Customised finishing processes with improved roughness values guarantee required tolerances, achieving savings in roller conditioning materials.

Flawless roller conditioning increases productivity


Demanding working environments, applications, and a range of substrates with diverse characteristics place high requirements on microfinishing materials and processes.

There are also many environmental aspects and increasing quality requirements (in both surface smoothness and hardness) that challenge the industry. We are here to help you reach your production goals, we do this by helping you ensure roundness and cylindricity, and consistent and reproducible surface conditions in your production. Flawless roller conditioning correlates with productivity – fewer, shorter maintenance stops provide clear benefits to productivity – these just a few of the many reasons for choosing Mirka solutions.

Diamond film - For extremely hard, difficult to grind materials

Mirka’s electrostatically coated, micron-graded DmD microfinishing films are perfect for challenging conditions, such as thermal spray coatings in the oil and gas industry and coated rollers.

Due to a special bond/glue system, adhesion between the film and the diamond grains is extremely strong in all conditions, which increases the lifetime of the abrasive.

These films provide excellent stock removal with a superb finish, allowing you to optimise your processes. They are colour coded for ease of use. The films are available in rolls and endless belts in several dimensions.

We use strong, flexible 5MIL PET film backing, which means that products can be used in either dry conditions or with water, emulsion or other lubricants. The flexibility of the film provides fantastic adaptability for complex surfaces.

Mirka's diamond roll is a microfinishing film perfect for challenging conditions.

Microfinishing films