Mirka Tools Service

With Mirka Tools Service in India, we are trying to connect with our customer for Mirka tools repair and servicing.

In the unlikely event that your Mirka® tool should require service or warranty repairs, if you may require to repair tool you can call us at 9654263399 or you can also send us email at customercare.in@mirka.com

We identified the key pain areas and facilitate 5 easy solution for you. Through Mirka tools service we offer to repair Mirka tools with assurance of covering the below points:

  • 3 Month repair warranty - To ensure the quality of repair work, we offer 3 month warranty on our repairs.
  • Loaner tool* (at select location) - To overcome the problem of downtime in production or work, we come up with Loaner tool availability (at select location) to ensure the work is not affected.
  • 10 Days of repair order cycle time - To ensure the quick solution, we are delivering our work in timelines and offer 10 days of complete repair process from a query call to delivery of repaired tool.
  • Hassle free - All this quick hassle free service available at your doorstep.
  • Optimum price - We offer optimum cost of repairing to ensure the best quality on your repair tools.