The new hall project is progressing well

Mirka Invests in Competitiveness

Mirka’s biggest investment for 2015, announced last spring, the building project of a new hall for an additional new production line at the company’s main location in Jeppo, Finland is progressing well and follows the scheduled timetable. The new hall is 4740 m2 and will equip the new production line, further processing lines and facilities for logistics and shipping.

 The new production line will be built on a completely new technique. The production line is an effective high capacity line and at the same time energy-saving. The new line enables production of completely new kinds of products and increases the flexibility. The technique itself Mirka wants to keep confidential. The production line is unique and summarizes all the knowledge about the flexible abrasives production that Mirka has gathered during the past 70 years.

 ”The new production line will give us completely new possibilities. With our new technique, we are able to develop totally new kinds of products, and these can be produced in a cost-effective way in high volumes and, when needed, adapted to customer needs”, says Stefan Sjöberg, Mirka’s president & CEO. “We have a good growth on the market, and we can now guarantee that we can not only meet the demand but also continue to be the forerunner in our business with innovative new solutions”.

 The new hall will be taken into use during spring 2015, and the production line will be ready for use by the end of the same year. After the extension, Mirka has a total area of about 48 500 m2 in use in Jeppo Finland.