6" Vac-Ready Finishing Sander 5mm Orbit, 1/Pkg

PartNr: MR-6V
MIRKA® ROS 650CV (Central Vacuum) is a Pneumatic Random Orbital with a 5,0 orbit. When connecting the sander to a dust extraction system you are able to sand dust-free. This machine is developed for general sanding purposes on all kind of surfaces.


Technical Specifications

Power (W) 209
Speed (rpm) 12000
Orbit (mm) 5
Size of pad (mm) 150
Size of pad (in) 6
Weight (kg) 0.85
Noise Level, LpA (dB) 78
Vibration level (m/s²) 2.48
Dust system Central vacuum ready
Work pressure (bar) 6,2
Pad included (code) 8292605011
Air consumption (l/min) 481

Front Endplate MPB0016, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993009411
Rear Endplate MPB0017, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993009311
ROS Air Inlet Kit MPA0798, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993018811
ROS CV Swivel Fitting 1"(28mm) MPA0988, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993006611
ROS Cylinder+O-Ring Kit MPA0994, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993009211
ROS Endplate Bearing Kit MPA0799, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993019811
ROS Housing MPA0244, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993007511
ROS Lever Kit MPA0983, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993010811
ROS Lock Ring+O-Ring Kit MPA0993, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993007911
ROS Muffler Kit MPA0797, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993017311
ROS Rotor Vanes and Key Kit MPA0801, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993017711
ROS Shaft Balancer Kit MPA0980, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993010611
ROS Shroud MPC0073, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993010011
ROS Speed Valve Kit MPA0800, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993019011
ROS Spindle Bearing Kit MPA0802, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993019711
ROS Spindle MPB0018, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993011611
ROS Vac Adapter 1.4"/1.1"(36/29mm) MPB0065, 1/Pkg MirkaCode:   8993005511