Mirka® DEOS – Closer. For perfection.

Mirka DEOS, an electric orbital sander, integrates all the innovative features that have made the Mirka DEROS so popular, and more. Its high efficiency brushless motor exerts plenty of power so the sander completes jobs quickly.  At only 4" high, the tool’s compact and very low profile makes it easy to maneuver and helps deliver a precise and efficient sanding performance.

Meet the NEW 3x4 DEOS Sander

New to the DEOS family, the 343XCV 3” x 4” Compact Sander is small enough to work in tight spaces. The 3x4 DEOS is lightweight and ergonomic, bringing power to places where hand sanding may have been required in the past.

3x4 DEOS

3x4 Abrasives & Sponges

Choose from the selection of abrasives and abrasive sponges in our 3” x 4” line, including paper-backed favorites like Gold and Iridium plus net-backed Abranet and Abranet Ace.

Introducing 3x4 Sponges that can be attached to a power tool or used by hand. Choose the firmness suitable for the task at hand – High Density for firmer foam or Low Density for softer foam.

3x4 Abrasives and Sponges

Don’t forget accessories like a backing pad, interface pad, pad saver and even a hand sanding pad.


The Mirka DEOS

The Mirka DEOS electric orbital sander is compact and very light. The machine is available in two dimensions: the Mirka DEOS 383CV, 2.75" x 7.75", is designed mainly for the ART sector and the Mirka DEOS 353CV, 3.2" x 5.2", is mainly targeted at the wood and CD sectors. 

All you need for easy sanding – Mirka DEOS and Mirka DEROS – these compact brushless electric sanders provide the efficiency of air tools but without the costs and size of the air system.

3x8 DEOS

Save Time

Save cleanup time by connecting the sander and abrasives with a dust extractor to use as part of a healthy, dust-free system.

 The Compact Sanding line of abrasives, sponges, and accessories can be used with Mirka Air tools as well.