Mirka® LEROS - Perfection from any angle.

With LEROS and LEROS-S, the lightest brushless wall and ceiling sanders on the market, operators can sand for long periods with less strain on the body. The 9” sanding pad, 180° flexibility, and 5 mm orbit provide easy maneuverability and enable fast sanding of large areas. Two lengths available – LEROS 57" extends your reach for high ceilings. LEROS-S 35" works in small spaces.

Unique features

Ergonomically designed without springs to allow the complete force to be transferred to the sanding process - no need to press the tool against the wall. Low maintenance brushless motor technology means no carbon brushes to replace. Variable speed controls are easily accessible. Dual suction points eliminate dust for smooth, clean, ready-to-paint surfaces.

Wall and ceiling sander Mirka LEROS features innovative solutions,  including a sanding head with 180° flexibility and a 5 mm random orbital movement, making it extremely user friendly

Flexible Sanding Head

The flexible sanding head enables the tool to easily follow the operator’s movements and permits use of the most ergonomic working positions.

The sanding head and backing pad design allows operators to work close to corners, and the tool’s random orbital movement responds precisely to the operator, making the drywall sanding process easy and creating a smoother finish.

Dust-Free Systems featuring LEROS and LEROS-S enable efficient work routines – and faster, better results

  • Lightweight, ergonomic tools with flexible sanding heads allow longer uninterrupted workflows
  • 98% dust free for less time spent on cleanup, masking, and prep work
  • Less dust means less clogging - change abrasives less often and use fewer abrasives per job
  • Reducing clogs results in less pilling that can cause defects in the sanding surface
  • Without dust, operators see exactly what is happening at the sanding surface which avoids errors like oversanding



What our customers are saying...

Tired of feeling like a snowman when the working day is over? Try Mirka’s dust-free sanding solutions together with Mirka® LEROS and save both time and money! 

Sarah from Paint Pot Ladies.