Find a sustainable microfinishing solution

When a consistent and reproducible microfinishing result with guaranteed surface properties and functional values is essential, ensure your success by relying on Mirka’s state-of-the-art technology. Our solutions start from your challenges - we offer:

• A superior supply chain concept
• Total cost savings
• Independent, reliable and solid partnership
• An ultra-smooth finish or a unique surface structure for everything, including high-tech businesses, B2B and consumer products

Increase your productivity in technically demanding surfaces and applications

With our products you can optimise your microfinishing process to improve profitability. Let us help you improve the surfaces and functional values of your products.

Demanding applications require solutions which ensure more efficient, more rapid, cleaner and safer finishing processes.

Our solutions provide many benefits, such as:

  • Cost leadership
  • Superior, consistent surface finishing
  • Optimized finishing processes
  • Supply chain excellence
  • Product customization