Automotive Refinishing

The automotive refinishing industry has been a key sector for more than two decades. Mirka’s capacity to consistently provide cutting-edge products that meet the industry’s constant need for improvements in efficiency, productivity and a cleaner working environment has seen it become one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Mirka’s unique concept of dust-free sanding, combined with our effective surface finishing solutions, has replaced traditional sanding methods in many industries. Mirka’s products are approved by the most important global paint dealers and are used in bodyshops all over the world.

Mirka has several videos for different applications in the automotive refinish industry. Check out the videos through the playlist “Automotive Refinish”.

Mirka's Optimized Surface Preparation System for the Automotive Aftermarket

Mirka’s groundbreaking 'Optimized Surface Preparation System' maximizes performance at every stage. By using ingenious thinking to streamline and perfect the entire process, rather than just individual steps, this truly unique concept puts you in control. Surface preparation has never been so simple, fast and cost effective, with a premium quality result that is repeatable, over and over again!

Mirka-Optimized surface preparation system