Glass Sanding & Polishing

Mirka has a unique total solution for the sanding of several types of glass. The clear step-by-step process how to sand glass invented by Mirka is easy to follow all the way from cleaning, to sanding, to polishing. 

Mirka's sanding and polishing solution for the refurbishment of glass can be used within many industries, e.g. architectural, automotive and marine.

The process is not recommended to be used on car front windshields because of the risk of optical refraction.

Mirka’s glass sanding solution is suitable for many different glass surfaces such as; building facades, interior doors and stairs as well as yacht, train and other vehicle windows.

How to sand glass

  • The fewer steps necessary to get the job done, the better. Otherwise there is a risk of optical refraction.
  • The polishing step takes longer than the sanding steps.
  • We do not recommend that this process on front-facing vehicle windshields due to the risk of optical refraction.
  • Always use a dust protection mask. Please check local legislation about concentrations known to be hazardous.