The Polarshine Marine Cleaning Range

Mirka's Polarshine Marine product range is designed for effortless and effective cleaning of surface stains in boats. It includes products from shampooing to deep cleaning, from finishing to protective coating, all with the aim of keeping your boat looking presentable from year to year, season to season. Polarshine Marine is a great companion set for Mirka's Polarshine polishing products.

Cleaning your boat

Use the Marine Cleaning products together with other Mirka products, such as the award-winning power tools and effective abrasives to bring a shine on an older gelcoat surface.

This is how you can refurbish your boat using the Mirka method. Remember to apply a protective shield after the final finishing so that the shine lasts all season long.

Polarshine Marine Boat Wash

High-quality boat shampoo suitable for all kinds of surfaces that can be washed with water, such as aluminum, gelcoat, lacquer, wooden and metal surfaces and painted surfaces. The effective surfactant formulation dissolves stubborn dirt, such as grease, oil, soot, fuel stains and other contaminants gently from all surfaces.

Polarshine Marine Boat Wash boat shampoo is gentle on sensitive material, and aluminum and chrome surfaces and other surfaces that easily darken retain their luster thanks to the low pH-value. 
Due to the efficient components the product contains, it is also safe to use the boat shampoo for the demanding washing of the engine compartment without having to worry about oxidizing effects. The product is biodegradable. When diluted, the product removes neither wax nor coating.

Polarshine Marine Deep Clean

Polarshine Marine Deep Clean is an effective, deep cleaning washing concentrate for cleaning your boat’s waterline and hull, effectively dissolving discoloration and stubborn dirt.

Deep Clean removes stains from the boat’s surface, caused by the likes of aquatic and bottom vegetation as well as removing discoloration, rust stains and fish blood. Deep Clean has a fresh scent and is pleasant to use even indoors. The product is suitable for gelcoat, fiberglass, paint, plastic, lacquer and other acid resistant surfaces.

Polarshine Marine Final Finish

A high-quality silicon-free cleaning and finishing agent for all boat surfaces. Works efficiently to remove any excess cleaning detergents such as polishing paste, fingerprints, soot and other impurities.

Polarshine Marine Final Finish is also suitable for finishing with a cleaning cloth after washing the surface. The product is safe to use on all surfaces. It does not damage coated surfaces and is also safe for use with synthetic waxes.

Polarshine Marine Shield

Polarshine® Marine Shield features a ceramic coating, ensuring surfaces are protected from UV radiation, salt water, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings and other impurities.

The Polarshine Marine Shield coating strongly repels impurities and is resistant to strong detergents, allowing you to carry out thorough seasonal washing after the boating season. The surfactant components of the product prevent the water droplets from sticking to the surface, creating a hydrophobic and very high gloss, stress-resistant surface.

Polarshine Marine Surface Protection Kit

This kit includes the Polarshine Marine Final Finish cleaning and finishing agent and Polarshine Marine Shield ceramic paint protection. These two products are the key to easy and carefree boating. The high-quality, silicon-free Final Finish can be applied during the cleaning of all boat surfaces. The Marine Shield coating with its nanotechnology provides long-lasting protection against UV radiation, salt and dirt throughout the boating season, as well as facilitating preparation for the next season.

The kit includes also a sponge, five microfiber cloths, protective gloves and instructions for use.