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Sanders Accessories & Spare Parts
Mirka CEROS cable cord

Dust Bag Paper for ROS/OS Machines

Dust Bag Nylon for ROS/OS Machines

Dust Bag Fleece for PROS DB Machines

Spare Parts

Battery Pack BPA 10820

Polishing Pads
Polishing Felt Pads

Polishing Foam Pads

Polishing Lambs Wool Pads

Polishing Compounds
Polarshine® 35 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® 25 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® C20 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® 15 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® 12 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® 10 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® 8 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® VF5 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® 5 Finishing Compound

Polarshine® 3 Finishing Compound

Polarshine® E3 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® Liquid Nano Wax

Polishing Accessories
Clay Lubricant Spray

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Clay

Interfaces, Pad Savers & Vacuum Block Discs

Pad Savers, Multi Interfaces & Vacuum Block Discs

Hoses & Adapters
Adapter for Dust Extractor

Adapter for Hand Sanding Blocks

Connector Air Inlet for Hand Sanding Blocks

Connector for Air Electric Hoses with Threads

Dust Extraction Hose Adapters & Connectors

Dust Extraction Hose for IAS2 System

Dust Extraction Hose for Mirka DEROS

Dust Extraction Hose for Mirka PROS & ROS

Hose for Mirka PROS DB

Extension Hose for Mirka Machines

Hose Adapter for Hand Sanding Blocks

Hose Connector for Dust Extractors 32/32mm

Hose Swivel Adapter & Connector

Clean-Up Kit for Dust Extractors

Vacuum Hoses

Vacuum Hose Support Belt

Hand Sanding Blocks & Pads
Hand Sanding Block 70x125mm

Hand Sanding Block with Dust Extraction Yellow

Hand Sanding Block with Dust Extraction Grey

Sanding Block Mirka Handy

Dust Extractor Accessories & Spare Parts
Dual Operator Vacuum Kit

Filter for Mirka DE

Fleece Filter Bag 1025 L

Fleece Filter Bag 415/915/1230 L

Pneumatic Box

Backing Pads
Backing Pad 32mm PSA Soft

Backing Pad 125 mm M14 Grip 17H for Suction Hood

Back Up Pad

Backing Pad Net 125 & 150 mm grip 100g & 130g

Backing Pad Net 200mm

Backing Pad Net soft

Backing Pad Uni 150 mm Hard

Backing Pad Uni 150 mm Medium

Quick Lock Backing Pad 32mm Grip Soft

Quick Lock Backing Pad 32mm PSA

Base Oil for ROS and OS

Denibbing Files

Dry Guide Coat

VPI Coated Abrasives Group 1

VPI Coated Abrasives Group 2