Polarshine 8 Polermiddel - 250ml

Mirkakode: 7993302511
EANkode: 6416868257366
Polarshine® 8 compound has been developed as a one-step polishing compound for the OEM industry applications in combination with Polarstar SR finessing discs. Polarshine® 8 is optimized to have a well-balanced aggressivity and achieve a very high gloss level in normal 2K and 1K Clear coats and Top Coats. Polarshine® 8 is recommended to be used with our foam pad for OEM, Polishing pad 77 x 20 mm white (Mirka code 7992804011).

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Tekniske spesifikasjoner

VOC 23
Viskositet 20,5
Farge Hvid
Tetthet 1,05
pH 7 - 8