MIRKA DEOS 383CV 70x198 mm z odpylaniem Case

MirkaCode: MID3830201CA
Mirka® DEOS 383CV, a powerful and compact direct electric orbital sander. At only 10 cm high, the tool’s compact and very low profile gives a high maneuverability and helps deliver a precise and efficient sanding performance. This small and light sander is naturally equipped with a brushless motor. The optimized ergonomics enable a comfortable grip. The machine has an easy to operate lever to control motor speed. It possesses also a separate on/off switch for easy and safe handling. Mirka® DEOS features an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low energy technology. The vibration sensor makes it possible to view the current vibration level through the myMirka app. An in-app purchase allows the follow-up of the daily vibration exposure. The low profile and small size make Mirka® DEOS 383CV ideal for body filler and primer sanding applications. In combination with Mirka´s net abrasives the tool offers fast, efficient and dust-free sanding performance. Mirka® DEOS 383CV is delivered in a high quality plastic case.


Specyfikacja techniczna

Moc 250
Prąd wejściowy (V AC) 220-240
Prędkość obrotowa (obr./min.) 5000 - 10000/min
Oscylacja (mm) 3
Rozmiar nakładki szlifierskiej (mm) 70 x 198
Waga (kg) 1
Poziom hałasu, LpA (dB) 71
Poziom wibracji (m/s2) 2.6
Przesylanie danych Bluetooth
System odpylania Central vacuum ready
Opakowanie Plastic case
Przekładka w zestawie (kod) 8292383011
Częstotliwość prądu 50/60

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