MirkaCode: 8991510111
The Mirka MR-38SGV (Dust Bag) is an orbital sander with self-generated vacuum and dust bag. No additional dust extraction is needed, which gives more flexibility in areas where to use. MIRKA® MR-38SGV is suitable for autobody repair, yacht manufacturing and maintenance, wood shops and industrial work stations. This Orbital Sander with the dimension of 70 x 198 mm is recommended to use on small and medium size areas. The 3.0 mm orbit guarantees a good surface finish. Hose assembly, pad saver strip, adapter and tool oil are included in the packaging.


Specyfikacja techniczna

Moc znamionowa 179
Prędkość obrotowa (obr./min.) 10000
Oscylacja (mm) 3
Rozmiar nakładki szlifierskiej (cal) 3 x 8
Rozmiar nakładki szlifierskiej (mm) 70 x 198
Waga (kg) 0.97
Poziom hałasu, LpA (dB) 85
Poziom wibracji (m/s2) 2.8
System odpylania Self generated vacuum