Mirka’s unwavering commitment to sustainability is strengthened further as the company joins the new SEAM program, for Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers. The initiative of the program is to implement new sustainability measures to drive the entire industry forward.

Today, Mirka is proud to announce our membership to a new European program focused on sustainability: SEAM - Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers. The objective of the SEAM program is to support and assist abrasive manufacturers on their way towards sustainable growth and sustainability improvements, mostly in production and distribution. To be approved into the program, Mirka had to meet a series of requirements organized into the three fundamental pillars of sustainability: environment, labour and economy.

”Long-term sustainable development has always been an important and natural part of Mirka’s business. We have accomplished a great deal already. Being sustainable is an integral part of our vision: to be the most responsible company in our industry. For us, it has always been clear to not waste financial or material resources – of our own or those of our customers. These initiatives and achievements are compiled under Our clean commitments where we describe the development of our corporate sustainability transparently with various KPIs. This goes hand in hand with the new SEAM Program”, states Stefan Sjöberg, CEO.

Large, medium and smaller abrasive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors have joined SEAM to set a European sustainability standard. It will move the industry towards a balance between environmental efficiency, production performance, labour safety, all of which are important values that not only strengthen the positions of European companies globally but also improve the life of a community.

The SEAM program is constantly developing its features. New services along with performance monitoring and management tools are on their way to be made available to all SEAM members.


Stefan Sjöberg, CEO Mirka Ltd
Tel. +358 20 7602 631

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About SEAM:

The Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers (SEAM) commit to continually improve their environmental, labour and production processes.

The SEAM program guarantees that SEAM members, all from within the abrasive supply value chain, manufacture, process, supply, distribute abrasives according to the sustainability standards with regards to environmental efficiency (waste, energy, resource), health and safety quality and innovative production processes.

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