Mirka continues to lead the way in the field of dust-free sanding.  A new Q&A campaign on Mirka's social media answers the most pressing questions about workplace health and safety. Our priority is making sanding safer and less straining, so we can make every workday easier.

Imagine holding your breath for an entire working day. When you are sanding without any dust extraction, the dust, a natural by-product of a sanding process, gets everywhere. There is no avoiding it, as it is airborne and nearly invisible – by the time dust settles on a working surface, it has certainly found its way everywhere else as well. Daily exposure to dust presents a significant risk to occupational diseases, especially when you are performing sanding work for extended periods, year after year. Mirka’s dust-free solutions consist of an efficient on-tool dust extraction system that removes dust from the working surface, already improving sanding quality, and safely depositing dust into a bag.

Mirka’s Abranet, first introduced over 20 years ago and continuously improved, is an effective part of the dust-free solution, and the dust-free philosophy has been since applied to a great number of Mirka’s sanding and finishing solutions – all working together to make work safer and more enjoyable. During the 21st century Mirka has received numerous awards for its continuous development of innovative sanding solutions, and we look forward to bringing you the abrasives and power tools of the future.

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Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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