Mirka® AP – the compact polisher for small areas


Have you already seen our newest member in the pneumatic polisher range? If not, we are happy to introduce the Mirka AP 300NV that hits the market this summer.

This dedicated angle polisher, equipped with a 77 mm backing pad, is ideal for small polishing applications such as spot repairs. In the OEM -industry, on the other hand, the machine is great for polishing composite and plastic parts as well as car bodies.

We always strive to develop not only efficient tools but also tools that are ergonomic to use. Mirka AP is no exception to this. The machine is easy to handle and can be used for long periods due to the ergonomic design, low vibration levels and speed adjustment. The machine gives you the flexibility to work either with one or two hands. The light angle polisher can easily be moved in different directions and provides good visual control over the work which in turn minimizes the risk of mistakes.

We also provide a wide range of other pneumatic polishers and polishing accessories depending on your applications.

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