Mirka’s toolbox goes digital with myMirka app


The app is a platform for digital services and connectivity. It’s now available worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

Mirka was founded as an abrasives manufacturer and at the start, the business was very much focused on sandpaper. In the past few decades, Mirka has increased its range and started its own Power Tools department in 2010. Mirka offers abrasives, power tools, polishing compounds and wide range of accessories in order to provide customers with the best surface finishing solutions. Today, however, those systems would not be complete without the added value of a platform for digital services and connectivity: myMirka®.

The starting point for myMirka was to give users a simple way of looking after their hands when sanding. The aim was to minimise vibrations and avoid white finger syndrome that working for long hours with power tools can sometimes cause. Mirka added an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth technology to Mirka DEROS® in 2016 and created the app to follow up the measurements. To measure vibration and speed in real-time, as well as daily vibration exposure (in-app purchase). But the development work did not stop there. myMirka is a platform for all Mirka related information and Bluetooth functions are being added to more tools. Mirka DEOS® introduced in 2017 can also make use of all myMirka features.

myMirka is available for iOS and Android devices. Mirka’s new electric sanders have Bluetooth connectivity, but in some countries, this function is not yet available. Here, you will now find the myMirka Lite version in the App store and Google Play Store. This version has all the features that do not require Bluetooth connection with the tool. So no matter where in the world you are, myMirka digital services are available. More features are also coming soon.

“The development work is ongoing,” says Annika Peltola, Commercial Manager, Digital Services at Mirka. “When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity for tools, more countries will be included this year. More functions and new services will also be launched to the myMirka platform. So stay tuned to find out more ways to improve your work efficiency with digital solutions.”

Learn more: myMirka®

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