Our popular dust extractors just got an addition to the family. Meet the Mirka® 1242 M AFC Dust Extractor: big, safe and easy to use.

The new dust extractor is an addition to the popular line launched two years ago. We kept your favourite features from the 1230 dust extractors and made it even better by growing it a size. The dust container can now hold 42 litres, which makes your job easier and more efficient. The new dust extractor shows its power when you are working with dusty jobs such as plaster sanding, combined with our dust-free solutions. As portfolio manager Mats Bystedt says:

“One of the reasons we’re adding a new dust extractor to the range is to provide an ideal companion to the Mirka LEROS wall sander. The award-winning LEROS is so light and easy to use, you can sand for hours, but to do this you need a dust extractor that can keep up! This new model is not only bigger, it’s fitted with other clever features that let you sand for longer.”

A main concern for sanding is the air quality. The 1242 dust extractor provides a safe working environment with M-class filtration, which is a real advantage when working on for example hard wood with harmful dust particles. The 1242 M AFC is a top of the range model and features automatic filter cleaning, which means no breaks are needed to check the filter and you can choose to forego the dust bag. The filter is cleaned every 15 seconds. The dust extractor also warns when the airflow is not optimal, so you won’t run the risk of getting excess dust in the air.

You can add all Mirka 1230 dust extractor accessories, such as handle, case fastener, pneumatic box or work station, to the 1242 model. All 1230 and 1242 range dust extractors can also be used with a HEPA filter (purchased separately). With additional filtration the dust extractor can be used in more demanding work environments.

The 1242 dust extractor is now available in Europe.

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