Protective gear now part of Mirka® Essentials


Personal protection is one of the most important aspects of professional body shop work, and for that reason Mirka is expanding the range of Mirka Essentials products to include protective gear.

The Mirka Essentials range has included paint mixing and masking products, and from now on it will include protective supplies from gloves to masks to coveralls.

Mirka is a pioneer in dust-free sanding, aiming to make workplaces safer and more comfortable for end-users. “We strongly recommend using personal protection when performing sanding, polishing, paintwork or assembly, and these supplies are now available from Mirka for professional use”, says Kim Rönnholm, Portfolio Manager post paint and accessories, at Mirka.

The range extension of Mirka Essentials includes a choice of Light Line or Carbon Line coveralls. Both are durable, reusable and antistatic premium coveralls, and the Carbon Line coveralls are Dupont Teflon coated for dirt and water repellence, to keep you clean longer in demanding working conditions.

To go together with coveralls, there is a selection of lightweight Mirka Safety Glasses with available UV and IR protection, or the possibility of choosing safety eyewear that fits over normal prescription glasses. We can never stress enough the importance of protecting your eyes.

With masks, the Mirka Essentials range caters FFP2 Carbon nanofiber masks for protection against solid particles and odors, as well as the lightweight and quick release Half Mask, which is available with different filters depending of the required level of protection.

Finally, Mirka offers different Safety Gloves that have been designed with ease of use in mind. Seamless Nylon Assembly Gloves are available for detailed assembly work in different industries, including automotive and plastic assembly, and for a higher level of protection, the Safety Gloves Cut-D are made of high-performance polyethylene and steel fibre to protect you against cuts and punctures in building, construction, transport and warehousing as well as various industry uses.

Kim Rönnholm reminds: “The best possible finish is what we all strive for – using quality supplies and protective gear is an essential part of that”.

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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