Mirka's new two-handed tools


Power, performance and control with Mirka’s new two-handed tools

Mirka’s commitment to product innovation has resulted in an unmatched package of user-friendly features being designed into these new two-handed tools.

Together, this new range of two-handed tools form part of Mirka’s ‘total sanding solution’. Its aim is to assist customers, across all applications, by delivering real benefits in terms of speed, first-class efficiency, surface finish quality and cost effectiveness.

Designed by Mirka’s own industry leading development team, these machines are loaded with clever features, such as an ergonomically designed grip, easy to reach speed control and superior vibration absorption. The unique housing design even allows the tools to be conveniently placed on their back without activating the throttle lever! Mirka’s trademark dependability and attention to detail come together to ensure these simple to use two-handed tools will perform all day, everyday to produce consistent, high quality results.

Two-handed random orbital sanders

Mirka’s new two-handed sanders combine heavy duty performance and durability with low profile, light weight, ergonomic styling that makes them easy to handle and control. Everything you need to get the job done with ease and efficiency!

The Two-Handed Random Orbital Sanders were specifically developed for use with Mirka’s revolutionary NETsanding™ products, including Autonet, Abranet and Abranet HD. Mirka’s new two-handed sanders are available in two different sizes, 125mm and 150mm. They also offer the choice of two orbits to suit your sanding operation:

  • 5 mm orbit for general purpose sanding.
  • 10 mm orbit for fast cutting for more demanding sanding operations.

Two-handed polishers

Powerful performance and a compact, streamlined design that allows operators to polish even difficult to reach areas, make Mirka’s Two-Handed Polishers the fast way to achieve a perfect, glossy surface finish. There are two options to choose from depending on your needs.

Rotary Polisher

Mirka’s new two-handed Rotary Polisher is the ideal tool for tackling a wide variety of polishing tasks with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Available in 77 mm, the speed of the machine is 3000 rpm.

Random Orbital Polisher

The new two-handed Random Orbital Polisher offers a quick and effective method of polishing. Its random orbital action delivers particularly impressive performance when buffing out sanding scratches. Available in 77mm and 125mm diameters, combined with a 12mm orbit. The speed of these both machines is 10000 rpm.