Mirka Cleaning Clay and Mirka Clay Lubricant

Make a “deep cleaning” of the surface before any treatment with Mirka Cleaning Clay and Mirka Clay Lubricant.

By cleaning properly before sanding it avoids the abrasive surface to be contaminated with dirt. Use Mirka's Cleaning Clay and Clay Lubricant for removal of paint overspray, industrial fall-out (rail dust/metal foundry dust, asphalt, insects etc.), tree sap and bug residue from paintwork, glass, plastic, aluminium and chrome surface. Mirka Cleaning Clay is gentle to surface, leaves no scratches and ensures an excellent finish. Use Mirka's Clay Lubricant for a better glide and more efficient cleaning.

Mirka's Cleaning Clay removes paintwork contaminants (e.g. emulsion spatter) and paint overspray were normally no abrasives can be used, for example:

  • dry dust, airborne drift, overspray on glazed surfaces etc.
  •  vehicle windows, spray booth windows and light covers etc.

By using Mirka's Cleaning Clay and Clay Lubricant you save an incredible amount of time and hassle over conventional procedures.

Mirka Cleaning Clay 200 g, silicon free
Mirka Clay Lubricant 500 ml
No hazardous solvents or acids. No scratching, no scraping, no compounding, no flatting. No problems of plastic staining from compound water.

User recommendations:

1. Wash the surface thoroughly with a mild shampoo to remove surface dirt and grit.

2. Check that the Cleaning Clay is not contaminated with any heavy dirt particles that could scratch.

3. Cut off a suitable piece of clay, roll it into a ball and shape the clay into a disc.

4. Wet the surface by applying Clay Lubricant liberally.

5. Gently rub the surface with the shaped clay in an overlapping pattern similar to sanding for 2 – 3 minutes.

6. Proceed with the process. If necessary, re-roll the clay into a ball, as the exposed face of the clay becomes “exhausted”, then re-flatten to expose a fresh face.

7. Continue working until the contamination is removed.

8. After use, place the clay back into the re-sealable plastic box to maintain perfect condition and to avoid contamination.