Mirka AIOS 130NV 32mm

Mirkakod: MIA1301011
EAN-kod: 6416868727319
The Mirka® AIOS (Automated Industrial Orbital Sander) is an advanced electric sanding head for robot usage. The small Mirka AIOS 130NV is is aimed for sanding in more confined spaces, finessing and spot repair work in an automated process, such as in automobile and its sub-supplier. It ensures consistent quality in removing imperfections from surfaces. Mirka® AIOS is an electric and smart sander, built inside a sturdy yet light aluminium housing, featuring an ISO 9409-1 compatible flange for mechanical robot coupling. It can be adapted to fit all mechanical couplings, offering maximum flexibility. The long-life, brushless motor is extra safe for wet sanding, and it runs on constant and configurable RPM. This model is non-vacuum and has a 32mm pad.

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Teknisk specifikation

Effekt (W) 50
Hastighet varv/min (rpm) 4000-8000
Oscillering (mm) 3
Storlek på plattan (mm) 32
Vikt (kg) 0.7
Förpackning Kartongbox
Dammutsug Ej utsug
Model name Mirka AIOS 130NV
IP Classification IP66
Product class Electric tool
Platta ingår (artikelnummer) 8294596311, 8294598311


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