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Mirka Academy

Mirka Academy provides external and internal training programmes for Mirka’s sales force, distributors, customers and staff in our state-of-the-art technology centre.

Here they learn about Mirka’s solutions and best practices through hands-on experience in facilities that provide a real-life environment.

Every year we train over 1000 people at our technology centre.

Here below, participants can evaluate their training session:


Please click the button and complete the form, estimate 1-2 minutes to answer.

Your feedback is anonymous and handled with discretion only for training development purposes. Information is not shared with 3rd parties.

Mirka Technology Center

At Mirka Success is driven by People. We work close to the customer and therefore we want to give the customer a better experience. During our training sessions we show our customers how they can work faster and cleaner and by that get a higher quality and better profit.


Size of facility: Total 1800 m2 two floors
Nordic Design
Modern Auditorium for 83 people
Modern Classroom for 18 people
3 Preparation Bays (ART, OEM)

  • 2 IR Dryers, Headsons Technology IRT
  • UVA Dryer
  • Mirka Solutions Working Stations
  • Inspection light ramp
  • Body repair station Car-O-Liner

1 Big showroom (The Square) for all sectors
1 Preparation Bay (Metal/Aluminium)
1 Showroom for Wood & Construction and Decoration (CD)

  • Weber Combi Unit (KSF-3-1350)

1 Spray booth for ART & OEM (Manufacturer Pivab
1 Curing Oven for OEM Applications max 160 Degrees Celsius
1 Mixer room

  • Drester Spraygun Cleaner, Drester Solvent Destilator,

Mixing Schemes
1 Spray booth for Wood (Manufacturer Pivab)
1 Mixer room

  • Drester Spraygun Cleaner,

2 Dressing rooms


Keppo Mansion and Guest House provide a perfect stay with accommodation and meeting facilities for all guests of the KWH group. Keppo Mansion and Guest House are situated in Jeppo, Finland, only 5 km from the Mirka factory. The environment is idyllic and a river flows through the park area. The Mansion building was built in 1860’s and you can sense the romantic atmosphere. The Guest House has been in use since autumn 2014 and the decor is cosy. The new sauna building was taken in use at the same time. Relax and enjoy your stay in the sauna building with a gym and a whirlpool outside on the terrace.


  • Dining room for 40 persons
  • Breakfast for guests staying at the guesthouse
  • 7 double rooms + 1 single room
  • 2nd floor: conference room for 15 persons.
  • Computer projector available.
  • Sauna department for 10-15 persons
  • Sauna building
  • Sauna for 10-15 persons
  • Whirlpool outside
  • Sauna cabinet with meeting table for
  • 8 persons + Screen with HDMI cable
  • Gym equipment
  • Other facilities


  • 25 single rooms with toilet, shower and WLAN connection
  • On the 2nd floor meeting table for 8 persons

Sauna building

  • Sauna for 10-15 persons
  • Whirlpool outside
  • Sauna cabinet with meeting table for 8 persons + Screen with HDMI cable
  • Gym equipment

Other facilities

Stable yard

  • Conference facilities for up to 50 persons with modern meeting equipment
  • Room for 100 dining guests modern meeting equipment
  • Room for 100 dining guests



Collision repair
Matias Kantola, Technical Sales Specialist

Transport (OEM)
Evald Lassus, Sector Manager
Kristoffer Bergvik, Technical Sales Specialist

Ardi Ilter, Sector Manager
Matias Virolainen, Technical Sales Specialist 

Construction and Decoration
Janne Lillkvist, Sector Manager
Kristian Johansson, Technical Sales Specialist  


Precision industries
Mårten Eriksson, Manager
Raine Peltoniemi, Key Account Manager   

Power tools
Mats Bystedt, Portfolio Manager  

Stefan Lindvall, Application Development Manager 

Ulf-Peter Åstrand, Technical Manager