Mirka Technology Center

At Mirka Success is driven by People. We work close to the customer and therefore we want to give the customer a better experience. During our training sessions we show our customers how they can work faster and cleaner and by that get a higher quality and better profit.


Size of facility: Total 1800 m2 two floors
Nordic Design
Modern Auditorium for 83 people
Modern Classroom for 18 people
3 Preparation Bays (ART, OEM)

  • 2 IR Dryers, Headsons Technology IRT
  • UVA Dryer
  • Mirka Solutions Working Stations
  • Inspection light ramp
  • Body repair station Car-O-Liner

1 Big showroom (The Square) for all sectors
1 Preparation Bay (Metal/Aluminium)
1 Showroom for Wood & Construction and Decoration (CD)

  • Weber Combi Unit (KSF-3-1350)

1 Spray booth for ART & OEM (Manufacturer Pivab
1 Curing Oven for OEM Applications max 160 Degrees Celsius
1 Mixer room

  • Drester Spraygun Cleaner, Drester Solvent Destilator,

Mixing Schemes
1 Spray booth for Wood (Manufacturer Pivab)
1 Mixer room

  • Drester Spraygun Cleaner,

2 Dressing rooms