Polarshine Marine Boat Wash 3L

Mirka Code: 7998100311PM
EAN Code: 6416868952537
High-quality boat shampoo suitable for all kinds of surfaces that can be washed with water, such as aluminum, gelcoat, lacquer, wooden and metal surfaces and painted surfaces. The effective surfactant formulation dissolves stubborn dirt, such as grease, oil, soot, fuel stains and other contaminants gently from all surfaces. Polarshine® Marine Boat Wash boat shampoo is gentle on sensitive material, and aluminum and chrome surfaces and other surfaces that easily darken retain their luster thanks to the low pH-value. Due to the efficient components the product contains, it is also safe to use the boat shampoo for the demanding washing of the engine compartment without having to worry about oxidizing effects. The product is biodegradable. When diluted, the product removes neither wax nor coating. Lowest storage temperature +5 °C. pH-value 10.5. The Polarshine® Marine series contains the following products: The Boat Wash shampoo, the Deep Clean concentrate, the long lasting Shield coating treatment and the Final Finish detailer. Combined with Mirka’s Polarshine® compounds, these products help you maintain your boat in as-new condition from season to season.