Improve the consistency of roller conditioning

Large scale industrial roller surfaces must be consistent and precise in order to produce perfect end products in a continuous process. Demanding roller applications are many - from metal, paper and film industries to printing industry. How to secure roundness and cylindricity, how to prolong service intervals and reduce the maintenance time of the rollers? Perfect roller conditioning correlates with productivity. New surface finishing techniques enable a cleaner roller conditioning. Customized finishing processes with better roughness values guarantee required tolerances and savings in roller conditioning material can be achieved. Fewer and shorter maintenance stops provide extra benefits in production.

  •  Consistency of surface finishing
  •  Reduced material, production and maintenance costs
  • Improved process speed and uptime 

Mirka’s technically unique microabrasives effectively remove contaminants. Choose Mirka’s Abranet, the patented innovative dust-free net sanding solution, or the new, patent pending microfinishing film technology of tesselated fractal structures.

How does your microfinishing process improve profitability?

Real profits are earned by optimising the productivity of the finishing process.

An ideal solution combines and optimises a consistent ultra-smooth quality, a faster, cleaner production process and reduced downtime.

 Our solutions focus on concrete benefits.

  • Superior surface finishing
  • Optimised finishing processes
  • Consistent quality
  • Increased cost efficiency