Innovate the consumer electronics markets with a unique finish

Exclusive finishing quality is a must for a variety of leading consumer electronics devices. Differentiation and consumer appeal are polished by visually and functionally innovative surfaces. The finishing processes must be absolutely clean, accurate, fast and reproducible as the production volumes are huge. The product development innovations mean rapid demand changes for the surface finishing. A structured way of managing innovations is therefore a must.

The demand is driven with unique, customized properties like finishing structure and geometry of different materials and parts. Another value for the leading brands is related to reputation of product performance and safety. Clean and certified processes as well as care of environmental and human resource issues like health and safety, are fundamental requirements expected also from subcontractors and business partners.

  • Consumer preference through innovative designs
  • Consistency of product quality and lifetime
  • Fast adaptation to demand/production changes

Mirka Abranet abrasive, the best abrasives and sanding solutions for surface finishing

Mirka develops exclusive finishing processes with technically unique and dust-free microabrasives. They help you to achieve constant and precise surface structures whenever close tolerances are required, remove contaminants and allow exact cutting of materials for edges even with soft materials like aluminum..