A clear business advantage that’s just cool!

After 18 years in the industry it’s not every day you alter the way you work. But for one painter and decorator from Hunstanton near Kings Lynn in Norfolk, innovative abrasive technology has been instrumental in changing the way he markets his business to


“As soon as I started to use the CEROS with Abranet abrasives from Mirka my client noticed the difference in the level of dust being created straight away. I’m currently renovating a row of three holiday cottages and the level of dust produced from sanding walls and ceilings throughout was massively reduced. So not only am I not breathing in the dust when I’m working but also the houses are kept much cleaner and safer from top to bottom.

The bathroom ceilings proved to be particularly tricky because the builders had painted them too thickly leaving lots of roller and brush marks. But using the CEROS combined with Mirka’s Handy block with Abranet I was able to level the surfaces off in just 15 minutes each time, prompting a “marvellous” from my client, which put a smile on both our faces! The blocks were also really effective on the staircases and door frames.

Abranet abrasives are excellent in the way they are constructed. Their mesh structure doesn’t clog up so they’re better wearing and last longer. Using Abranet with the CEROS saves a huge amount of time and labour. Walls that were taking me two or three hours to sand now only take half an hour and the dust extraction is critical.

The CEROS sits comfortably in the hand and is controlled easily to go faster or slower. Other machines tend to get very hot when you’re using them but the way the CEROS is built with an interface and backing pad the abrasive stays cool.

I wouldn’t be without my Mirka products. They allow you to pay close attention to detail to the quality of the surface finish, which clients love, and the dust-free benefits are fantastic for both me and my customers. They’ve created a clear business advantage for me and you can’t say better than that.”