Mirka DEROS on the Cass


Last year, Mirka launched the DEROS (Direct Electrical Random Orbital Sander). Since its launch, users have been singing the praises of the DEROS and we spoke to Jake Cass from D. Cass & Son about his experience with the Sander.

“The DEROS is a superb piece kit. It’s strong and its reliability is second to none. It’s light weight and has great ease of movement as well as not being physically taxing for our employees to use.

We use the DEROS on internal areas such as walls and ceilings for general rubbing down and abrading large flat areas that have a lot of nibs, or have been filled excessively. Usually a lot of dust is produced in this process but using the DEROS with Abranet Abrasives instead of traditional sandpaper minimises dust levels significantly and reduces the mess, which makes life 100 times easier for our employees.

There are a number of features that I am very happy with. One is the remarkable amount of power that is generated from this compact sander. Another thing that amazed me was the control we had over the sander when we were using it, considering how much power the tool puts out. Finally, we are impressed with the way the DEROS combined with Abranet Abrasives smooths surfaces and the quality of finish it leaves.”