Mirka’s new dual voltage LEROS has the convenience factor for decorators


Mirka UK is launching a dual voltage Mirka® LEROS in May, designed to provide a flexible, convenient tool for decorators working at different site locations, making light work of wall and ceiling sanding.

The two-in-one 110v and 230v lightweight Mirka® LEROS sander has a brushless motor and incorporates an innovative sanding head with 180-degree flexibility, and a 5mm random orbital movement, making it extremely user-friendly.

The Mirka® LEROS’ flexible and practical design provides benefits such as ergonomic working positions and exerts less strain on the operator's body and back.  Weighing less than 3.5 kg, the operator can sand for longer periods without fatigue.

The operator can also work very close to corners thanks to the sanding head and backing pad design.  Due to the random orbital movement, the Mirka® LEROS responds precisely to the operator's movements making the sanding process easy.  In addition, it creates a smoother, better finish.

Maintenance of the tool is minimised as there are no carbon brushes to be changed.  When combined with Mirka’s dust-free net abrasives and suitable dust extraction, the Mirka® LEROS provides dust-free sanding, making the working environment cleaner and healthier.

The Mirka® LEROS is available with a storage bag. An extension pole can also be purchased to increase the reach by 50cm.

 Chris Proffit, Business Sector Manager - Construction and Decorating, for the UK, says, “The launch of the Mirka® LEROS in 2018 was very successful. The dual voltage machine increases the applications including site work where 110v tools are required. The sander still retains its signature lightweight, ergonomic, user-friendly design, providing 180-degree flexibility, 100 per cent comfort and 100 per cent perfection, no matter the angle.”