Mirka brings a shine to darker surfaces with Polarshine® 12 Black


Mirka is bringing the next generation of polishing compound to the market in November 2020 with the launch of Polarshine® 12 Black. This new water borne, silicone free polishing compound has been developed with versatility at the forefront of the design process, so users in the marine, composite and ART sectors can use it across multiple surfaces and still be able to achieve a high gloss finish.

The compound can quickly and permanently remove sanding scratches by using P2000 and finer grits to leave a high gloss hologram free finish. It also has the capability to perform on dark surfaces such as dark gelcoats, high gloss lacquers, carbon fibre and Kevlar, while also preventing any milky white sheen that using a lighter coloured compound might cause. In addition, due to it being a fine polishing compound, it can be used for both production and restoration processes.

Craig Daycock, managing director of Mirka UK, says, “The addition of Polarshine® 12 Black to our ever-expanding product portfolio ensures that Mirka remains at the cutting edge of polishing compound technology. With all the R&D that has gone into this product, we know that it stands alone when polishing dark gelcoats or carbon fibre as well as when it is used on the clearcoat of older vehicles, so we look forward to users reaping the benefits of this product as they bring the shine back to dark surfaces.”