Mirka shines with new polishers


Mirka is expanding its air tools range with the addition of two new pneumatic polishers. The AP 300NV and RPS 300CV have been designed and developed to meet the demand for lightweight compactly designed tools that provide a high-quality finish in hard to reach places and are versatile for use across multiple sectors and applications including glass sanding and paint removal.

The new RPS 300CV offers users a two-in-one solution, where it can either be used as a polisher or sander depending on the application required. Its innovative features include a compact design that allows it to access hard to reach areas, a dust extraction shroud and hose connector that assist in providing a dust free work environment. In addition, its rotary movement and dust extraction system ensure that all material is collected, which in turn will reduce the risk of unnecessary scratching the surface.

The AP 300NV is a lightweight pneumatic tool for smaller polishing applications. Its angled design allows the user to get closer to the surface for more control. The tool is also available with a range of accessories including a selection of polishing compounds and pads for various applications, and a range of polishing related products.

Steve Smith, Sales Manager - National Accounts of Mirka UK, says, “These polishers combine the high-quality finish expected from Mirka’s tools with lightweight compact designs, to ensure that fast effective results are achieved, no matter the size or location of the area being worked on.”