Rounding out your toolbox


Mirka is launching a new hand block designed for 150mm discs. The Mirka Roundy is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of the hand and is suitable for multiple operations from paint stripping to lacquer & paint sanding.

The Roundy features 34 dust extraction holes making it a versatile and practical hand block for use with both Abranet® abrasives and 15-hole 150mm discs, that can wrap around its sides to assist the user in reaching corners and other hard to reach areas that require sanding. 

In addition, when using net products and a dust extractor system, it provides a dust-free work environment that protects the health of workers and reduces the time spent clearing up after a job. Its low profile provides good control over the sanding process and its ergonomic design, built around the shape of the fingers, allows the user to work with the hand block for long periods of time without feeling the strain on the hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder.

A Roundy kit is also available and includes the Roundy sanding block, a four-metre hose and a variety of the patented Abranet 150mm discs.

Pete Sartain, national sales manager – Industrial of Mirka UK, says, “The addition of the Roundy to our range of hand sanding blocks highlights our continued commitment to invest in innovative products anticipating what our customers are looking for to make their jobs easier and more efficient. This product allows the same Abranet 150mm discs to be used for both hand and machine sanding, providing the high-quality finish that has become the hallmark of Mirka’s tools and abrasives.” 



Roundy Block Mirka code: 9190143011 
Roundy Block List Price: £30

Roundy Kit Mirka code: KIT00ROUND
Roundy Kit List Price: £45